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Erica Cameron

Since the beginning of my life I have always been drawn towards creating with my hands. My parents would tell me stories of how I would find ENORMOUS JOY in paper. Some how as a toddler I would get a hold of paper and meticulously tear it into little pieces.

Even over the years countless Birthdays and Christmases my gifts from family mostly consisted of art related toys.

I started off drawing stick figures and looking at ‘how to draw’ books, but I tended to flip to the final picture in order to draw what I saw.

In school when the the art teachers told me to trace. I felt like tracing was a crime. I felt that I could draw what I saw, no tracing required. A small flare of rebellion but wait it gets better.

Elementary school to Junior High to High School I participated in as many art classes as I could. But the flare of rebellion grew to failing art in High School on occasion. Let’s just say the art teachers and I had different artistic views.

Once more I could not understand why we had to draw styles that already existed. I thought art was to bring out the uniqueness in a person, not stuff then into someone’s shadows. That art was in essence an expression from the depths of your being.

I felt so passionately about this that I did not want to be saturated from the past Masterful Artists. Instead of mimicking them I wanted to discover my own space in the expression of art and this was one of the main reasons I decided not to major in art when I attended college.

Another belief that fueled my passion for art was my relationship with Infinite Intelligence! I fell in love with God when I was 9 years old. I began to understand that my faith as a younger child to draw what I saw was because I trusted my Heavenly Father to guide my hands. During my teenage years it was the submerging into LOVE! Obsessively I would write the word LOVE to focus on God! And through this focused energy it evolved into drawing a continued line. I would literally fill the space of a sheet of paper with one continued twisted line and my friends would say it looked like a maze.

Today as you browse through Elemetizm Art you will see the countless lines and various shapes. You may even meditate as the colors and line patterns take you on a personal journey.

The main goal of why I create art is to remind you of how Magnificently Brilliant you are! We are apart of this beautiful planet, Solar System, Galaxy and when you take time to think of just yourself in proportion to numerous wonders within you and around you. For example like the millions to trillions of cells, DNA, thoughts, nature, the air we breathe, the experience of each passing day. We are so intricate and so vastly LOVED BY THE ULTIMATE CREATOR!

Elemetizm is LOVE! It is trust and it is a glimpse at the unseen with intention for you to remember YOUR MAGNIFICENCE!

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