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In You is Magnificence

“Nothing was in a man that is not in you.” ~ Wallace D Wattles

In You is Magnificence


Think about a famous person you admire? It can be an author, actor, producer, athlete, Olympic gold winner, teacher, speaker, president, inventor, musician.

A historical figure or present day person.

Family member.

That person you admire has certain traits that sometimes people associate with why they obtained success.

Success being defined by what that person is know for, their positive contribution.

Think about these positive attributes.

Was it their faith, confidence, leadership, courage, wisdom, compassion, boldness, education, personality, dedication.

The list can be endless.

We are designed for Magnificence!

We each have our own Magnificently Beautiful contribution to share with this world.

The thing that I love about this quote “Nothing was in man that is Not in You.” is that we too can accomplish Magnificent things.

The positive attributes we can admire in others we can find within ourselves. Sometimes it may take some cultivation in strengthening but it all remains the same.

The people that have left legacies and why continue to leave legacies are leaving clues that yes you can.

If I can do it, you can do it.

The only difference is you are to do it in your unique way.

We can not live another persons life but you better believe the inspiration. The legacy of Magnificence  can be left by you!!

Comment below the legacy you plan to leave!