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That Habit Has Failed You

“Failure is the dead end of the habit path one has been following and when it is reached it forces one to leave that path and take up another thereby creating a new rhythm. But failure does more than this, it gives an individual an opportunity to test himself where in he may learn how much will power he posses.” ~ Outwitting the Devil

That Habit Has Failed You


If you have read Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill you know about the Hypnotic Rhythm.

If you have not read this book then please do. It is a great investment of your time.

Nothing against gamers. After being exposed to some of the principles in this book the Hypnotic Rhythm really had me examine what I was doing with my time, I realized I would be in a trans for countless minutes.

Minutes turned into hours of my life gone because I was on my phone mastering the next level of my favorite game.

Take inventory of how you spend or invest your time?

Is there something you can do less of or do more of to set you on a new path?

A change that could help you succeed in keeping your New Year’s Resolution?