Laughter From the Soul

“Laugh from a place with in your soul; be free and liberated and confident in being you.” ~ Erica Cameron

Laughter From the Soul
Laughter From the Soul

Royal Fire


A breath of fresh air just being around my Earthy Handsome King. We dated for a couple of months before I was blessed to see another extension of him. The first time I walked into his house it was a magical wonder. My senses were bathed in the different colors in each room and the paintings he had strategically placed throughout his house. I couldn’t help but be inspired! Another theme in his magnificent house was calligraphy, beautiful writings of the words Love, Wisdom, Laughter, Hope and Peace threaded in a few rooms. Joy filled my heart. The other side for this transition in my life was the rebuilding of my business. Before I moved to Georgia I lived in Texas and I made the executive decision to quit my job. This decision was to allow me to focus on my business full time and help my sister. Ultimately I failed miserably but thank goodness I had the commitment and a purpose to help my sister with my new born nephew. While serving my nephew for the first couple of years of his life I was rebuilding myself. Learning tons from my new born nephew. Observing daily the powerful nature we boldly bring into this world. How effortlessly God protects and provides was greatly apparently expressed in my nephew. Learning from my sister and my other niece and nephew surrounded by these wonderful people. My family strengthened me. Which helped me shake off my temporary defeat. I shedding my pride and started working part time which quickly turned into working 3 joys because the money I was used to receiving definitely did not come from one job. Even the income from 3 jobs did not compare. All this brings me to fast forward for the sanity of being in my Handsome King’s house. I went back to working on job in my passion at an herb store. It felt good being able to assist in helping people with their health. In within that same month of back to working one job I reached a deeper level of forgiveness. I forgave myself for the massive pain I caused myself and my ex of 7 years. Even after those 7 years there were 3 more years of torment thinking we would get back together. One more year of torment when he made his decision to be with someone else, spiked with the loss of my mother (stay tuned for the lessons in forgiveness). To then my heart being free to love meeting my Handsome King. All these events were poured out in Royal Fire.


Creation Process

Full of inspiration. Highly prepared to start the next creation. Strokes of calligraphy guided my hand. I laid the foundation with purple because of the historic use of this color representing royalty. Purple has been known to heal the physical and emotional. It represents fantasy, luxurious luxury and integrates on every level. The purple figure is a bird with their wings spread. Flying. Rising. The legendary phoenix. Next level surrounding the phoenix is the fire. Blue being the hottest spot of the fire dances around the picture. Blue also represents devotion and flow of energy, steadiness and reliability. Flickers of red and orange. Red the color of passion, life, enthusiasm and energy. Partnered with orange which expresses purposeful from one’s instinct, playful, creative and bravely willing to explore. Even when I though this art creation was complete it kept speaking to me. I added more red and orange and accented with black until Royal Fire gave me the seal of approval.

Name Origin:

Royal Fire was not the 1st name. There are a couple of processes I go through when naming an art creation. You may be wondering why I do not use the term work of art. Work is a word based on its definition feels oppressed to me. I feel if we are in our divine expression, inspired and creating that Source, God, Our Heavenly Father flows through with abundant love and magnificence accommodated with an ease and joy permeate. Thus is why I refer to the art I create as art creations. (= ) Maybe I can even call them art inspirations. I like that ‘art inspirations’ has a nice ring to it too!!! (= )  ❤ Okay back to the other topic. Sometimes I may complete an art inspiration and then their name is revealed. Other times their name is given to me as I draw. Royal Fire needed a little molding. At first the name was going to be Royal Ice. X marked the spot Royal Ice viewed the blue as ice. Onto Royal Phoenix easy right because of the big purple phoenix smack dab in the middle. However my solar plexus did not agree. Then finally I heard it clearly Royal Fire! Ding, Ding, Ding!! Royal Fire resonated with my solar plexus!!


Playful Mix

Royal is the representation that we are sovereign. I believe in that God has anointed us with the mental ability to build our kingdom of riches in heaven and that riches are meant to be experience now on Earth. We have the Divine Right to rule our minds and hearts with the power to reign over our lives. When we accept our dominion of our throne Magnificence envelopes our lives! The other side of this is you can take your rightful place on your throne or you will be thrown into someone else’s rule. There you will be locked in a dungeon of mediocrity as the key is gripped firmly in the palm of your hand. Fire has two meaning as you read about the colors the element of fire is rich with passion. This passion is the desire of your heart which evokes transformation to live your L.O.V.E. To live your Life Of Visioned Elegance!! The other side of the fire as conveyed in  Environment is the life evolving experiences that if allowed nourish your being to grow into the person to experience your dreams. These experiences are the phoenix rising continuously above the ashes. The Fire that purifies and strengthens forever promoting your glorious joy.


Love and Light + Air Hug

Champion For Love

Erica Cameron

Power, Dare, Faith

“You must first have the knowledge of your power. Second, the courage to dare. Third, the faith to do.”
~ The Master Key System

Power Dare Faith

Resume Joy

Joy Resumes

The Simple complication of this world can be vastly surprising when the resolution has posed such a sweet victory. Succumb to the harmony of Love to lift the heart and melt the darkness away! Night becomes day. All can see, there is no fear to consume as the focus of Smiles from Joy resume! ~ Erica Cameron