Release the Clutch

“You have to let go long enough for the great law of attraction to operate….The things we rightly desire come to pass when we have taken the clutch off.” ~The Game of Life and How to Play It

Divinely Combined

Seeing you sends chills up my spine and the warmth of pleasure sites in my heart. I smile and you return yours as you walk closer to me.

I am still bashful after all these years but I stare you in the eyes with a glow.
You pull me close to you wrapping your arms around my waist, grabbing my butt. Pressed against your body I tremble.
You lean close in and we merge for a kiss. the excitement my eyes closed, taking in the scent of you and tasting those sweet lips.
Our tongues touch softly.
Every touch you make lets me know that you are mine. That we are one. I dive into pure pleasure. My dads caressing your back, feels like we are suspended in space. As you take the initiative and kiss deeper.
Minutes pass adding up to an hour. We exchange language with out words. Slowly taking time for detail learning each other and practicing on different spots. Your presence fills me with delight.
We become one and drift to what seems like a different dimension. Harmonizing the melodies we sing.
You hold me so close and curl up behind me. I am yours, you are mine. We are together.
Love divinely combined!

Thank you for your time!

Love and light + Air Hug!!

Songstress of Dreams

Erica Cameron

L.O.V.E. Core Wealth

Wealth can be a touchy subject but ultimately it is determined by each person and what they cherish as being valuable.

Wealth for me is having more options to choose from. It is more than the money in the bank. For me it is my time, my energy, and my options.
Time is the most precious commodity. The Fact is we all have a beginning and an end, and in each day we all have 24 hours.
How do I desire to invest my time?
I know I am not able to gain a single moment back (and if you know how to receive a moment back in time please be so kind and share your wisdom as to how that can be accomplished. I am totally interested!) So each moment is precious! A rare jewel of epic portion!!
See when I am creating art that is my time very well invested, when I get to hear my nieces and nephews laughter, when I see my sister happy, or talk to my loved ones, or be with the man of my dreams; All the way Down to one on one quiet time with myself are all investments! Continuously being present in those moments!
My energy is somewhat laced with time.
It is the conscious decision on expanding in All things wonderful!!
The great say ‘what you focus on expands.’ Like a magnifying glass honing the rays of the sun which starts a fire!!
That is the kind of on purpose focus that builds dreams into reality.
Am I investing my energy with positive thoughts, am I feeding my spirit with nutritiously rich words?
If it increases love, harmony and happiness I am all for it!
Because I know I desire to share the best parts of who I am with the people I love and the more good I tap into the more goodness I can share.
There is no need squander energy by inviting drama and negativity.
Options are like would I rather walk, take the bus or drive to my chosen destination. Or take a train or Airplane. The more options, the more I can create the landscape of my life.
Wealth is the abundance of what the universe can beautiful orchestrate when I align my energy and time in the direction of accumulating assets by focusing on the good and being genuinely grateful!!!
What is your definition of wealth and do you feel worthy of being wealthy?

There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.

A thought, in this substance, Produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.

Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created. ~ Wallace D. Wattles The Science of Getting Rich

If you are around neigh sayer. You know the ones who say “You need to be realistic”, “Maybe you are dreaming too big”, or sarcastically say “Sure it will happen for you”.

You know those kind of people.

You can kindly say ….just because your desire for wealth is not the same as mine doesn’t mean that my desire for wealth is not possible. And I don’t look down on your wealth aspiration so I would appreciate you not to look down on my definition of wealth.

You are worthy to experience your wealth definition and all the universe conspires for you!!

Thank you for your time!!

Love and Light + Air Hug!!

Alchemist of Happiness

Erica Cameron


Finding Room To Breathe

Have you ever found yourself emotionally suffocated, frustrated and knowing within every cell of your body that something has to change for the better good NOW.


That was how I was feeling when I was crating Finding Room To Breathe.

I was fed up with following the path of forcing my artistic expression into what I thought society would approve.

Cookie cutter ideas that drained my soul.

My world felt so lifeless.

It was time to breath again!

Inhaling the abundance God so generously showers us with!!

Inhaling my talents and trusting my dreams!!!

Breathing life back into my passion!

Breathing life back into my joy of being!

Breathing just to breath so that every cell in my body could expand and vibrate on a higher level!

Breathing the richness of my identity, power, purpose all the while surrendering to God!!

Coloring outside the lines and tapping into removing which ever line I desired!! The Matrix approach if you will!!

Our lives a masterpieces painted by the desires of our heart’s!!

As a wise person taught me, we desire our desires and our desires, desire us.

Finding Room To Breathe gives way to the same book as our desire and with each calmfully focused inhale our dream is drawing!!

Thank you for your time!

Love and light + Air Hug!!

Songstress of Dreams

Erica Cameron


Core of L.O.V.E. Health

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you” ~ Joyce Meyer

Gift of Health
Health is one of the why’s of L.O.V.E. Life Of Visioned Elegance.
This subject is very near and dear to me.
It is the physical well being, and mental well being, and spiritual well being.
On the physical side As a child I can remember my mom being in and out of the hospital and my grand mother having heart surgery. I can remember feeling so sad and just wanting them to recover as soon as possible.
As a teenager I used to argue with my mom about taking care of herself eating better and taking her medications consistently so that way she would not be in so much pain.
One holiday visiting my family, my mom was a sleep in her room. My dad had been in in out of their bed room, my sister went back to talk to mom but she was still asleep. Eventually I made my way back there, she was blue and her body was cold.  We call the ambulance. Come to find out she over took her medication and a couple of pills were lodged in her pathway.
My dad’s health has been affected. But at least with my dad he is willing to change up and take care of himself.
I personally experienced health issues pertaining to skin rashes. I had this weird break out of hives on my legs the doctors did not know how to explain the cause of it.
One summer I put on my grand mother’s 7 day deodorant after already spraying body splash under my arms and the next morning let’s just say my under arms looked like ground meat. And that caused several years of allergic reactions to normal deodorants. I ended up starting middle school not being able to wear deodorant for one whole semester!!
Oh also horrible pms cycle experiences, cramping and the kind that I would have these heat strokes and throw up my food and practically the only time I would miss school or work.
Another episode was my face broke out into a rash because I used some acne medication and this caused me not to be able to wear make up because my skin would break out.
Then in college I had the bright idea to utilize blue lip smacker gloss and woke up the next day with extremely full lips oozing from inflammation… the doctors could not tell me what it was but thank god it came back negative for any herpes.
But along my personal health journey I slowly evolved…. I stopped drinking soda because of a lint fast one year.
I started to eat turkey bacon.
Then I moved into eating home cooked meals more and vegetables.
I went on a Daniel fast for church for 40 days and really had a wake up call about how sugar and high fructose corn syrup was like placed in everything. I even started taking herbal combinations to help my eyes, skin and digestive system.
And as I started to learn more about how the body works mixed in with my faith and belief that our bodies are designed to heal themselves because I take Our Father at his promises. I was hooked on healing.
I was even blessed to be mentored  by two very well versed women of herbs and once more my journey on wellness expanded.
Food was the biggest mountain I had to climb because I realized that food is medicine for our body, if I am not willing to eat more raw foods and the energy of the garden than my herbal usage would be in vain. It would be equivalent to using them like prescription drugs just covering up the symptom but not healing the cause.
And my journey still continues, as much knowledge I have gained and have implemented. I continue to learn and apply more to my herbal journey.
This is just a small glimpse into my passion for health to experience a Life of Visioned Elegance.  I will share more about mental and spiritual well being.
The next L.O.V.E. one is wealth.

Thank you for your time!

Love and light + Air Hug!!

Songstress of Dreams

Erica Cameron

Your Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy

This piece was TOTALLY INSPIRED by the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

I highly recommend reading this book to your children and even to the child with in yourself!!

The adventures that Santiago experienced in search of his personal legend!!!

When was the list time you found hidden treasure?

When was the last time that you felt that excitement laughing from your heart?

This book breathed life into my heart!

In addition to Santiago’s personal legend there is the language of the universe.

The language of the universe spoke to me through this book and caused pen to paper for the art piece Inner Alchemy.

I love the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho because it explores the journey of those who are pursuing their dreams.

The richness on the inside, the vibration of our heart, being one with the I AM!

Fire, Rain, Deseret at what length will you go and grow to live out what your soul has always longed for.

To make conscious on purpose choices and allowing faith to guide you along the journey even if you only have a piece of the puzzle.

When it comes to the science of Alchemy, it is so symbolic of what one transforms into to receive success in their life.

The ancients held gold in high regard because it symbolized metal in its highest evolved state.

Taking this concept and connecting with as the Alchemist would say the ‘soul of the universe,’ it becomes an evolutionary journey with in.

Believing and trusting in yourself to be worthy of your dreams and who you become in the process of achieving them.

Treasure Reserved For You

“Alchemy is when you penetrate the soul of the universe and experience the treasure that was reserved for you” ~ The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

Thank you for your time!

Love and light + Air Hug!!

Songstress of Dreams

Erica Cameron

Core of L.O.V.E. Self Expression

Years ago my 2ND Mom aka MS Karen shared the beautiful jewel with me! (She is a precious jewel in my life) it was a book by the name “The game of life and how to play.” This book opened my eyes to New possibilities, I endeavor to read it one a year and at time go back and study a specific topic Flo(Florence Shinn) teaches.
In “the game of life” the blessing of Health, wealth, Love and perfect self expression resonated with me on all accords.
My self expression is deeply rooted in my art creations. I go to such a peaceful and meditative state of ecstasy when I draw my style.
Each line a connection to the Creator and as I wake up and step away from self expression. I allow the piece to speak to me. And the movement continues.
Another aspect of my journey in self expression is my Spirituality and being a loving person. I think that song had it down right “what the world needs is love, it is the only thing that there is just to little of”
There was a quote from What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole
“…there is no right or wrong does that mean there is a free for All? Absolutely not, I mean the problem I have with right or wrong in these categories is not that I want a free for All it is that right or wrong doesn’t nearly go far enough…..There is no body keeping records up there…..The records are here (heart and mind) and I am going to have to deal with them that is far more painful then a record keeping God that is up in the sky. So that anyone setting out on the path of true enlightenment will be absolutely impeccable in everything they do. Is it because of fear of damnation? No. Or of the punishment of God or because I have sinned and haven’t gotten forgiveness, no, no, no. I mean these are all excuses that keeps us away frothed real problem. The really enlightened person will see every action has a reaction with which I must deal and if I am wise I will not do stuff that will cause me to have to face it and resolve it and balances in my soul later. That is the real criteria…”
This quote sums up my desire to stand in love because it resonates with my soul so deeply. This brought such a clarity to me pertaining to the core of harmony and my intention behind being loving.
But back to Flo she inspired me to practice being in my perfect self expression which is the true authentic self, the loving abundant person that we were designed to be. When I vibrate in my perfect self expression I must say it feels pretty darn joyful!!!
For instance me sharing with you ?
Life Of Visioned Elegance the freedom for your perfect self expression.
The next topic will be wealth!
Love and light + Air hug
Songstress of Dreams
Erica Cameron

Why I SOOOOO Love Valentine’s Day

Grocery stores packed with eager lovers buying gifts for the sweet expression of love.

Love being my all time favorite subject just aligns with the main reason Why I SOOOO Love Valentine’s Day!!

As a child it was fun receiving candy from my classmates on Valentine’s Day, I also enjoyed giving away candy.
In my teen years I have to admit Valentine’s Day was dreadful.
No more mandatory class participation with cards and candy, which resulted no more gifts if you were not a couple.
But dating was not on my agenda, sure I had very strong likes to people. However no legitimate dating.
One year I took a stance and decided to make Valentine’s Day MY FESTIVE LOVE day! I really enjoy giving gifts but rarely gave to myself so instead of waiting for some dude to do right by me, I decided to be my own Valentine.
So, I bought myself this cute little white and red teddy bear holding a red heart that said I love you along with a small plastic flower for my new teddy bear to hold. For my friends and teachers I bought them some flowers and candy. It was so delightful giving away tokens of love to my friends and teachers!!!
I was hooked. It dawned on me that I could be my loving self and blame it on Valentine’s Day!!!
Another year I can remember walking to each class with a gallon water container with flowers in it. I wanted the flowers to last as long as possible. It tickled me that even Random people would ask for a flower.
For the most part Valentine’s Day for me was about celebrating the people I love and not just my romantic interest, it is the gift giving part of Christmas to me. Now my meaning on Christmas is a whole other story because there are different ways that Christmas celebration has come about, but how are we honoring Jesus by buying gifts for one another on Christmas. When honoring Jesus with his teachings of love, forgiveness and brotherhood doesn’t that equate to more than just black Friday electronics and doodads. Are not his teachings a heart centered virtue for kindness, harmony and consideration for one another everyday of the year? Not just Christmas, Easter or Sundays? Okay, Okay back to Valentine’s Day!!!!
In my Love Expression on Valentine’s Day I have even been know to cook an Italian dinner from scratch either fettuccine Alfredo a recipe I learned from my Dad or Lasagna from scratch topped with chocolate chip cookies and/or brownies also from scratch shared with the people I adore.
Other joys I experienced for Valentine’s was placing candy bags on my Co-works desk before they arrived.
And one year when I was serving at Church, I gave several gifts and one young lady that attended the youth center bought me a red and white puppy holding a heart. I made sure to give her a huge hug for my gift!!
This year was the 1st year I was blessed with this pleasant surprise of a goody bag at my desk! I am fairly new to my position and team but one of my co-works invested energy and giving a team of 19 people a Valentine’s goody bag!! It put a huge smile on my face when I arrived at my desk!!
Also this year I was thankful to share Valentine’s Day with such an amazing person!! Our 1st Valentine’s Day together.
He showered me with Love and gave me gifts to increase my health and well being!!
But He in all manners has a way of making everyday feel like Valentine’s Day!!
I hope that you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day too!!
May goodness be with you!! Air Hug!!
Songstress of Dreams
Erica Cameron


1 Corinthians 13:4-8 is one of my favorite verses in the Bible.

Below is my interpretation of that verse:

Love is patient and kind; Love up lifts yourself and others, it is equal and unconditional. It is willing to submit and keep peace. It is willing to be bold in truth. Love bears All things, believes All things, Hopes All things, endures All things, Love never ends……. Faith, Hope and Love abides these three; but the greatest of these is Love!!



Love Determining



Protector of Light

Erica Cameron