Why Hurry

“Hurry and Fear instantly cuts our connection from the universal mind.” ~ Unknown

What is Habit

“Habit is the intersection of knowledge, skill and desire. Knowledge is the theoretical paradigm the what to do and the why. Skill is the how to do. Desire is the motivation, the want to do….” ~ Stephen Covey


Indifferent or Content

Eyes wide open! James Allen is on point! Today I listened to Think and Grow Rich call and someone shared words are mammograms. In order to really understand a word it is good to have a good knowledge of it. This led me to contentment has been a word that just felt like accepting current conditions not rally wanting for anything else but I read the following.

“To be contented does not mean to forgo effort; it means to free effort form anxiety; it does not mean to be satisfied with sin and ignorance and folly, but to rest happily in duty done, work accomplished.” James Allen  As a Man Thinketh
This made me start to think about the talents. Good and Faithful servants, true it is about stewardship but now since I have a better understanding it was showing the degree of contentment. The person who buried his one talent who may have seemed to be content was actually indifferent, but the other people who took the talents were showing faith and contentment with their action- Good and Faithful Servents.
“There are 3 things with which a man should not be content
                               with his opinions
                               with his character
                               with his spiritual conditions
Not content with his opinions, he will continually increase in intelligence; not content with his character, he will ceasely grow in strength and virtue; and not content with his spiritual condition; he will, everyday, enter into a large wisdom and fuller blessedness. In a word, a man should be contented, but not indifferent to his development as a responsible and spiritual being.
The truly contended man works energetically and faithfully, and accepts all results with an untroubled spirit, trusting, at first that all is well, but afterwords, with growth of enlightenment, knowing that results exactly correspond with efforts. What so ever material possessions come to him, come, not by greed and anxiety and stiff but by right thought, wise action and pure exertion.”
Eyes wide open! James Allen hit a home run for me!!

Thank you for your time!!

Love and Light + Air Hug!!

Alchemist of Happiness

Erica Cameron

Step toward Success

“No man has a chance to enjoy permanent success until he begins to look in the mirror for the real cause of all his mistakes” ~ Law of Success

Once in A Life Time

Sitting with my dad and this Pawn show, the one themed in Vegas was on.

One of the employees described an item as “once in a life time.”

What is “once in a life time?”

Once in a life time transformed in my mind.

I get it, something sales people say to invoke the rareness of an item so it appears to have more value.


It is interesting how we tend to look at people who have accomplished magnificent things, heroes, athletes, musical icons, artist and the list goes on and on.

It is as if we hold them in such high regards that we disconnect from the truth.

We are all once in a life time creatures.

We are all born magnificent and when we align and purse our personal legend we actually allow others to experience our magnificence.

“Nothing was in a man that is Not in You” ~ Wallace Wattles

Thank you for your time!!

Love and Light + Air Hug!!

Alchemist of Happiness

Erica Cameron

Affirmation of Freedom

When writing an affirmation you want it to resonate with you bring a smile to your face and align with you beliefs!
Below is an affirmation I wanted to share with you. Please take the parts that resonate with you and change the other words to make it more personal to your personal legend = ) 
I know I am living my Personal Legend, speaking the language of enthusiasm, feeling happier and more energetic which makes me smile with delight and focus my thoughts on ideas that expand my heart and actions in a loving abundance. Beautiful health, Love and wonderful unique self expression!!!

I sole act of pure intentions Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Faithfulness, Goodness, Gentleness, and Self Control because I know that a loving attitude towards myself and others always keeps me in success. I accept the greatness in myself and the greatness in others inspiring creativity!
I am in my field of Provision! I accept abundance and prosperity in all areas of my life now complete Love, Impeccable Health, Perfect Vibrant Self Expression with Immaculate Wealth! I am using my conscious mind in a powerful profound positive way, flowing in pure genius. I accept and appreciate how the Universal Subconscious Mind, the Creator, My Father, My Provider, My Source continues to Manifest a customized paradise in excellent lavish details just for me!
I am apart of God, meaning apart of ALL things in the Universe. God is ALL wisdom and knowledge. Everything is apparent to God, which is automatic creation and He gives us access to this encompassing power, I completely trust God, point blank period. So I simply focus on truth and principles with an open Mind and Heart! I love you Lord and thank You So Very Much!!!

Thank you for your time!

Love and light + Air Hug!!

Songstress of Dreams

Erica Cameron

Doubts vs You

“People doubt their beliefs, but believe their doubts. Believe in Yourself, and the world will believe in you.” ~ James Olson

Doubts Vs You

Why is that. Why is it that at times we can notice all the reasons why something will not work. The I can’t. That is impossible. The I quit.

How much different would it be to believe in Yourself!! To trust your beliefs! The Faith! The I Can! The moving mountains with the faith the size of a muster seed.

Believe in Yourself because You are Worth Believing in!!!!