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Etched into my heart

Etched into my heart.

This masterpiece of angelic proportion.

Dwelling in the unknown secrets. Those potent words of truth casting out darkness with full proof. You never were any ordinary existence. Spring forth the definition of exquisite. The unconditional deposits were made. To say those enchanting words is not to wage the deepest gratitude that consumes the core. It is an honored delight. One more to verbally express what you have energetically evoked is the embodiment of ALL that is Good, Magnificent and Sacred. Ever the written sequence may seem random as the shifting of the words paints the picture of my emotions. A heavenly touch and time manages to collapse, rewind, and pause simultaneously. An embrace of a molecular wonder piercing through my veins, into my blood stream, transformed and introduced to the power that slept dormant. The eyes to the window of thy soul there sparkles infinite. Traced exchanges and embedded is this pure tenderness which is apart of me. Etched into my heart.

Thank you for your time!

Love and Light + an air hug

Erica Cameron

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Resume Joy

Joy Resumes

The Simple complication of this world can be vastly surprising when the resolution has posed such a sweet victory. Succumb to the harmony of Love to lift the heart and melt the darkness away! Night becomes day. All can see, there is no fear to consume as the focus of Smiles from Joy resume! ~ Erica Cameron


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Divinely Combined

Seeing you sends chills up my spine and the warmth of pleasure sites in my heart. I smile and you return yours as you walk closer to me.

I am still bashful after all these years but I stare you in the eyes with a glow.
You pull me close to you wrapping your arms around my waist, grabbing my butt. Pressed against your body I tremble.
You lean close in and we merge for a kiss. the excitement my eyes closed, taking in the scent of you and tasting those sweet lips.
Our tongues touch softly.
Every touch you make lets me know that you are mine. That we are one. I dive into pure pleasure. My dads caressing your back, feels like we are suspended in space. As you take the initiative and kiss deeper.
Minutes pass adding up to an hour. We exchange language with out words. Slowly taking time for detail learning each other and practicing on different spots. Your presence fills me with delight.
We become one and drift to what seems like a different dimension. Harmonizing the melodies we sing.
You hold me so close and curl up behind me. I am yours, you are mine. We are together.
Love divinely combined!

Thank you for your time!

Love and light + Air Hug!!

Songstress of Dreams

Erica Cameron

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The Reason For The Expression

The reason for the expression of Love.

To unlock the secrets of one’s Heart, the untraveled lands of mystery.

There you stand in the mist of the Epitome of Happiness.

Waves of delight splash at our feet.

Songs of the wind wraps around only to embrace and Sweet smells of Utopia.

Clear blue skies with illumines clouds as the sun kisses the skin.

For Forever Laughter from pleasure.

No other can compare when I stare into the eyes of my destiny, my future revealed.

The bond that won’t be broken, an unspoken commitment of you and I.

A language that paints images of what will be and what already exist.

Love you are so eloquent, the relevance of your importance.

Dancing to the drum of your heart.

Love is You and Love can be 2 and Love is the reason for Love.

And Love is the reason for YOU!

Songstress of Dreams

Erica Cameron

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Absorb Thy Sorrow

Lay your head on my shoulders, let me absorb thy sorrow.

Allow every emotion to be expressed as each tear drops a door to a path to feel better than before.

See like an oak tree strong hardly bending as the wind blows.

As if each caress from the ferocious winds to it simply a gentle breeze to be forgotten.

The rain drips,

ever nourishing between each delicate crack.

Even thunder strikes but really it was just giving light.

A few twigs broken and tumbling to the ground, processing the part of the growth.

The oak tree stands strong digging roots deeper and never alone.

As the precious night falls leaves begin to change.

A green path so beautifully arranged.

The seasons alternate and as the sun glows there has been a pulse beneath the earth’s core that was


As the heart knocks thy soul, life unfolds.

Sadness, frustration, anger, worry, regret, depression and pain melt away and transform into a captured Joy.

A picture of heaven that requires

no toll.

For creation pulls together this

prefect gift, simply just forever more.

~Erica Cameron