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Mind Weapon

“I always believe the mind is the best weapon” ~ Rambo from Rambo II

Mind Weapon

I enjoyed some of Sylvester Stallone movies. The Tango and Cash, Demolition Man and Judge Dredd. Oh and The Expendables.

Between my Dad and Mom I gained the love for action packed movies and martial art movies.

I of course heard of Rocky and Rambo and I am pretty sure I probably watched the with my parents when I was small child.

Now as an adult it has been very inspiring to watch Sylvester Stallone in all of the Rocky’s and to know this magnificent man wrote and screen-played numerous legendary movies makes my heart dance!


What movies do you like by Sylvester Stallone?

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Divinely Combined

Seeing you sends chills up my spine and the warmth of pleasure sites in my heart. I smile and you return yours as you walk closer to me.

I am still bashful after all these years but I stare you in the eyes with a glow.
You pull me close to you wrapping your arms around my waist, grabbing my butt. Pressed against your body I tremble.
You lean close in and we merge for a kiss. the excitement my eyes closed, taking in the scent of you and tasting those sweet lips.
Our tongues touch softly.
Every touch you make lets me know that you are mine. That we are one. I dive into pure pleasure. My dads caressing your back, feels like we are suspended in space. As you take the initiative and kiss deeper.
Minutes pass adding up to an hour. We exchange language with out words. Slowly taking time for detail learning each other and practicing on different spots. Your presence fills me with delight.
We become one and drift to what seems like a different dimension. Harmonizing the melodies we sing.
You hold me so close and curl up behind me. I am yours, you are mine. We are together.
Love divinely combined!

Thank you for your time!

Love and light + Air Hug!!

Songstress of Dreams

Erica Cameron