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Core of L.O.V.E. Health

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you” ~ Joyce Meyer

Gift of Health
Health is one of the why’s of L.O.V.E. Life Of Visioned Elegance.
This subject is very near and dear to me.
It is the physical well being, and mental well being, and spiritual well being.
On the physical side As a child I can remember my mom being in and out of the hospital and my grand mother having heart surgery. I can remember feeling so sad and just wanting them to recover as soon as possible.
As a teenager I used to argue with my mom about taking care of herself eating better and taking her medications consistently so that way she would not be in so much pain.
One holiday visiting my family, my mom was a sleep in her room. My dad had been in in out of their bed room, my sister went back to talk to mom but she was still asleep. Eventually I made my way back there, she was blue and her body was cold.  We call the ambulance. Come to find out she over took her medication and a couple of pills were lodged in her pathway.
My dad’s health has been affected. But at least with my dad he is willing to change up and take care of himself.
I personally experienced health issues pertaining to skin rashes. I had this weird break out of hives on my legs the doctors did not know how to explain the cause of it.
One summer I put on my grand mother’s 7 day deodorant after already spraying body splash under my arms and the next morning let’s just say my under arms looked like ground meat. And that caused several years of allergic reactions to normal deodorants. I ended up starting middle school not being able to wear deodorant for one whole semester!!
Oh also horrible pms cycle experiences, cramping and the kind that I would have these heat strokes and throw up my food and practically the only time I would miss school or work.
Another episode was my face broke out into a rash because I used some acne medication and this caused me not to be able to wear make up because my skin would break out.
Then in college I had the bright idea to utilize blue lip smacker gloss and woke up the next day with extremely full lips oozing from inflammation… the doctors could not tell me what it was but thank god it came back negative for any herpes.
But along my personal health journey I slowly evolved…. I stopped drinking soda because of a lint fast one year.
I started to eat turkey bacon.
Then I moved into eating home cooked meals more and vegetables.
I went on a Daniel fast for church for 40 days and really had a wake up call about how sugar and high fructose corn syrup was like placed in everything. I even started taking herbal combinations to help my eyes, skin and digestive system.
And as I started to learn more about how the body works mixed in with my faith and belief that our bodies are designed to heal themselves because I take Our Father at his promises. I was hooked on healing.
I was even blessed to be mentored  by two very well versed women of herbs and once more my journey on wellness expanded.
Food was the biggest mountain I had to climb because I realized that food is medicine for our body, if I am not willing to eat more raw foods and the energy of the garden than my herbal usage would be in vain. It would be equivalent to using them like prescription drugs just covering up the symptom but not healing the cause.
And my journey still continues, as much knowledge I have gained and have implemented. I continue to learn and apply more to my herbal journey.
This is just a small glimpse into my passion for health to experience a Life of Visioned Elegance.  I will share more about mental and spiritual well being.
The next L.O.V.E. one is wealth.

Thank you for your time!

Love and light + Air Hug!!

Songstress of Dreams

Erica Cameron