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Royal Fire


A breath of fresh air just being around my Earthy Handsome King. We dated for a couple of months before I was blessed to see another extension of him. The first time I walked into his house it was a magical wonder. My senses were bathed in the different colors in each room and the paintings he had strategically placed throughout his house. I couldn’t help but be inspired! Another theme in his magnificent house was calligraphy, beautiful writings of the words Love, Wisdom, Laughter, Hope and Peace threaded in a few rooms. Joy filled my heart. The other side for this transition in my life was the rebuilding of my business. Before I moved to Georgia I lived in Texas and I made the executive decision to quit my job. This decision was to allow me to focus on my business full time and help my sister. Ultimately I failed miserably but thank goodness I had the commitment and a purpose to help my sister with my new born nephew. While serving my nephew for the first couple of years of his life I was rebuilding myself. Learning tons from my new born nephew. Observing daily the powerful nature we boldly bring into this world. How effortlessly God protects and provides was greatly apparently expressed in my nephew. Learning from my sister and my other niece and nephew surrounded by these wonderful people. My family strengthened me. Which helped me shake off my temporary defeat. I shedding my pride and started working part time which quickly turned into working 3 joys because the money I was used to receiving definitely did not come from one job. Even the income from 3 jobs did not compare. All this brings me to fast forward for the sanity of being in my Handsome King’s house. I went back to working on job in my passion at an herb store. It felt good being able to assist in helping people with their health. In within that same month of back to working one job I reached a deeper level of forgiveness. I forgave myself for the massive pain I caused myself and my ex of 7 years. Even after those 7 years there were 3 more years of torment thinking we would get back together. One more year of torment when he made his decision to be with someone else, spiked with the loss of my mother (stay tuned for the lessons in forgiveness). To then my heart being free to love meeting my Handsome King. All these events were poured out in Royal Fire.


Creation Process

Full of inspiration. Highly prepared to start the next creation. Strokes of calligraphy guided my hand. I laid the foundation with purple because of the historic use of this color representing royalty. Purple has been known to heal the physical and emotional. It represents fantasy, luxurious luxury and integrates on every level. The purple figure is a bird with their wings spread. Flying. Rising. The legendary phoenix. Next level surrounding the phoenix is the fire. Blue being the hottest spot of the fire dances around the picture. Blue also represents devotion and flow of energy, steadiness and reliability. Flickers of red and orange. Red the color of passion, life, enthusiasm and energy. Partnered with orange which expresses purposeful from one’s instinct, playful, creative and bravely willing to explore. Even when I though this art creation was complete it kept speaking to me. I added more red and orange and accented with black until Royal Fire gave me the seal of approval.

Name Origin:

Royal Fire was not the 1st name. There are a couple of processes I go through when naming an art creation. You may be wondering why I do not use the term work of art. Work is a word based on its definition feels oppressed to me. I feel if we are in our divine expression, inspired and creating that Source, God, Our Heavenly Father flows through with abundant love and magnificence accommodated with an ease and joy permeate. Thus is why I refer to the art I create as art creations. (= ) Maybe I can even call them art inspirations. I like that ‘art inspirations’ has a nice ring to it too!!! (= )  ❤ Okay back to the other topic. Sometimes I may complete an art inspiration and then their name is revealed. Other times their name is given to me as I draw. Royal Fire needed a little molding. At first the name was going to be Royal Ice. X marked the spot Royal Ice viewed the blue as ice. Onto Royal Phoenix easy right because of the big purple phoenix smack dab in the middle. However my solar plexus did not agree. Then finally I heard it clearly Royal Fire! Ding, Ding, Ding!! Royal Fire resonated with my solar plexus!!


Playful Mix

Royal is the representation that we are sovereign. I believe in that God has anointed us with the mental ability to build our kingdom of riches in heaven and that riches are meant to be experience now on Earth. We have the Divine Right to rule our minds and hearts with the power to reign over our lives. When we accept our dominion of our throne Magnificence envelopes our lives! The other side of this is you can take your rightful place on your throne or you will be thrown into someone else’s rule. There you will be locked in a dungeon of mediocrity as the key is gripped firmly in the palm of your hand. Fire has two meaning as you read about the colors the element of fire is rich with passion. This passion is the desire of your heart which evokes transformation to live your L.O.V.E. To live your Life Of Visioned Elegance!! The other side of the fire as conveyed in  Environment is the life evolving experiences that if allowed nourish your being to grow into the person to experience your dreams. These experiences are the phoenix rising continuously above the ashes. The Fire that purifies and strengthens forever promoting your glorious joy.


Love and Light + Air Hug

Champion For Love

Erica Cameron

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Laughter of Love

Laughter of Love

I created this piece for my brother and his wife. There were two pictures that spoke to me after looking at some of their pictures that I took at their wedding.

He has such a fun laugh and his bride was just glowing full of happiness.

The warm embrace of the couple the passion and commitment to one another.

I used the purple which was her favorite color and blue for his favorite color.

They are still happily married to this day with three Magnificent children!!

That the Lord for love!

To love is to be loved!

“I didn’t have to search for love because it found me over and over again.” ~ Unknown

Love Found Me

Thank you for your time!

Love and light + Air Hug!!

Songstress of Dreams

Erica Cameron

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Finding Room To Breathe

Have you ever found yourself emotionally suffocated, frustrated and knowing within every cell of your body that something has to change for the better good NOW.


That was how I was feeling when I was crating Finding Room To Breathe.

I was fed up with following the path of forcing my artistic expression into what I thought society would approve.

Cookie cutter ideas that drained my soul.

My world felt so lifeless.

It was time to breath again!

Inhaling the abundance God so generously showers us with!!

Inhaling my talents and trusting my dreams!!!

Breathing life back into my passion!

Breathing life back into my joy of being!

Breathing just to breath so that every cell in my body could expand and vibrate on a higher level!

Breathing the richness of my identity, power, purpose all the while surrendering to God!!

Coloring outside the lines and tapping into removing which ever line I desired!! The Matrix approach if you will!!

Our lives a masterpieces painted by the desires of our heart’s!!

As a wise person taught me, we desire our desires and our desires, desire us.

Finding Room To Breathe gives way to the same book as our desire and with each calmfully focused inhale our dream is drawing!!

Thank you for your time!

Love and light + Air Hug!!

Songstress of Dreams

Erica Cameron


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Your Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy

This piece was TOTALLY INSPIRED by the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

I highly recommend reading this book to your children and even to the child with in yourself!!

The adventures that Santiago experienced in search of his personal legend!!!

When was the list time you found hidden treasure?

When was the last time that you felt that excitement laughing from your heart?

This book breathed life into my heart!

In addition to Santiago’s personal legend there is the language of the universe.

The language of the universe spoke to me through this book and caused pen to paper for the art piece Inner Alchemy.

I love the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho because it explores the journey of those who are pursuing their dreams.

The richness on the inside, the vibration of our heart, being one with the I AM!

Fire, Rain, Deseret at what length will you go and grow to live out what your soul has always longed for.

To make conscious on purpose choices and allowing faith to guide you along the journey even if you only have a piece of the puzzle.

When it comes to the science of Alchemy, it is so symbolic of what one transforms into to receive success in their life.

The ancients held gold in high regard because it symbolized metal in its highest evolved state.

Taking this concept and connecting with as the Alchemist would say the ‘soul of the universe,’ it becomes an evolutionary journey with in.

Believing and trusting in yourself to be worthy of your dreams and who you become in the process of achieving them.

Treasure Reserved For You

“Alchemy is when you penetrate the soul of the universe and experience the treasure that was reserved for you” ~ The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

Thank you for your time!

Love and light + Air Hug!!

Songstress of Dreams

Erica Cameron

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Calm After the Storm

Calm after the storm

 It was the 2nd year of my mom’s birthday after her departure from this physical realm.

 It was not just her birthday but mine also. My whole life I always thought this was one of the coolest things ever.

 The 1st year of her being gone I remember bracing myself for the flood of emotional grief; but in the mist of my grieving I received an abundance of love and support from my family and friends.

I was smothered in positive words of love.

 This 2nd year I really did not know what to expect. A lot of things in my life had changed.

More importantly I would actually label most of the changes as positive.

For the 1st time in about 4 years I was in a healthy romantic relationship.

My Handsome King made it a beautiful birthday experience we celebrated the weekend before.

He took me to Cirque Sol and to one of my favorite restaurants. I had so much fun being with him.

Finally the actual day came but despite the magically moments I shared with him I ended up allowing my heart to be broken by having certain expectations of other people I held important.

I endeavored to be understanding and knew that there was a logical explanation. 

Therefore I buried my hurt feelings.

That was just like one nails on the coffin. One of the pivotal points that paved the way for my consequential actions.

I started making different decisions in my life that brought about questions and concern.

Relationships were strained I caused a fair share of hurt in this process.

The pinnacle point of persuasion came  and on this particular day, moment inspired the seed for Calm After The Storm.


Angelic Words of Compassion

I arrived at home, my 2nd mother (who is my spiritual guide and has been a loving power in my life since I was in my late teens) and I started talking on the phone.

Like a volcano eruption all the emotions I buried were being dug up.

Frustration, pain and anger began spouting off.

Immediately, I took off my shoes and walked outside the wet pavement felt soothing under my bare feet. Being grounded. 

Feeling slightly stubborn and resistant I argued my emotional stance, however when God speaks it just makes sense. 

My 2nd mom was shining her sunshine as only she could do over that garden of emotional landmines in my heart.

It took some time to cool down.

As I could feel the tension being released the core of my being. Taking deep breaths shoulders relaxing.

We started talking about other subjects and I was brought to such a peaceful moment.

I opened my eyes to the beauty around me, I inhaled the freshness of the earth and to my visual comfort I saw these droplets of leftover rain sitting so gracefully delicate upon the leaves.

This time God spoke to me from the inside. 

As if to say my child the storm is over remember that my rain provides nourishment. 

What is my decision

“You can suffer the pain of change or suffer remaining the way you are.” ~Joyce Meyer

Change or Remain

I could be justified in my emotions or be justified in the truth.

The situations that occurred even the one of losing my mom gave me an opportunity to find clarity but sometimes in the storm our vision becomes blurred.

We can become more focused on the rain rather than the shelter.

We may be turned upside down or be turned around.

The beauty of it all is when we can surrender to Love. It leads us back on path. Love gently guides us with a beacon of trust.

Love restores and strengthens. 

Love nourishes and forgives. 

Love can even enlighten you for a direction to new more sophisticated glorious bountiful path way.

My choice to change my emotion was  ultimately me loving myself. 

Choosing to suffer the pain of change which I can’t say is a total pain. The actual change can be even humorous at times especially when you can look back and laugh at what in the world was I thinking. The sobering up from the pain.

As for the memory of my mom the fact of us being born on the same day will always remain totally awesome to me but I realize I don’t have to hold myself hostage from enjoying my life just because she is not physically here. I know that she would want me to celebrate her and to live my life.

Even better I acknowledge I am here because of her and of course my dad, but I know my mom wants me to be happy.

She was such a creative, colorful person and who she is will forever be apart of me. Which leads me to the next quote by Charlie “Tremendous” Jones.

“Things don’t go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.” ~ Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

Build You UP

I grew this day. Thanks to my 2nd mom, thanks to myself, and thanks to all parties involved!

This is not to say that I have everything figured out. It is just that my willingness to add one more digit to the infinite code of wisdom will gives me a transformation of perspective.

To focus on the positive aspects.

As my mentor David Corbin states

“You are either rip and rotten or green and growing.”

RR or GG

The pain and suffering would have been the rotten the continued decay and erosion of important relationships to me. But the love is like the green and growing willing to water with compassion, understanding and compromise.

The below is Calm After The Storm


Songstress of Dreams

Erica Cameron