Absorb Thy Sorrow

Lay your head on my shoulders, let me absorb thy sorrow.

Allow every emotion to be expressed as each tear drops a door to a path to feel better than before.

See like an oak tree strong hardly bending as the wind blows.

As if each caress from the ferocious winds to it simply a gentle breeze to be forgotten.

The rain drips,

ever nourishing between each delicate crack.

Even thunder strikes but really it was just giving light.

A few twigs broken and tumbling to the ground, processing the part of the growth.

The oak tree stands strong digging roots deeper and never alone.

As the precious night falls leaves begin to change.

A green path so beautifully arranged.

The seasons alternate and as the sun glows there has been a pulse beneath the earth’s core that was


As the heart knocks thy soul, life unfolds.

Sadness, frustration, anger, worry, regret, depression and pain melt away and transform into a captured Joy.

A picture of heaven that requires

no toll.

For creation pulls together this

prefect gift, simply just forever more.

~Erica Cameron

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