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Indifferent or Content

Eyes wide open! James Allen is on point! Today I listened to Think and Grow Rich call and someone shared words are mammograms. In order to really understand a word it is good to have a good knowledge of it. This led me to contentment has been a word that just felt like accepting current conditions not rally wanting for anything else but I read the following.

“To be contented does not mean to forgo effort; it means to free effort form anxiety; it does not mean to be satisfied with sin and ignorance and folly, but to rest happily in duty done, work accomplished.” James Allen  As a Man Thinketh
This made me start to think about the talents. Good and Faithful servants, true it is about stewardship but now since I have a better understanding it was showing the degree of contentment. The person who buried his one talent who may have seemed to be content was actually indifferent, but the other people who took the talents were showing faith and contentment with their action- Good and Faithful Servents.
“There are 3 things with which a man should not be content
                               with his opinions
                               with his character
                               with his spiritual conditions
Not content with his opinions, he will continually increase in intelligence; not content with his character, he will ceasely grow in strength and virtue; and not content with his spiritual condition; he will, everyday, enter into a large wisdom and fuller blessedness. In a word, a man should be contented, but not indifferent to his development as a responsible and spiritual being.
The truly contended man works energetically and faithfully, and accepts all results with an untroubled spirit, trusting, at first that all is well, but afterwords, with growth of enlightenment, knowing that results exactly correspond with efforts. What so ever material possessions come to him, come, not by greed and anxiety and stiff but by right thought, wise action and pure exertion.”
Eyes wide open! James Allen hit a home run for me!!

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