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Core of L.O.V.E. Self Expression

Years ago my 2ND Mom aka MS Karen shared the beautiful jewel with me! (She is a precious jewel in my life) it was a book by the name “The game of life and how to play.” This book opened my eyes to New possibilities, I endeavor to read it one a year and at time go back and study a specific topic Flo(Florence Shinn) teaches.
In “the game of life” the blessing of Health, wealth, Love and perfect self expression resonated with me on all accords.
My self expression is deeply rooted in my art creations. I go to such a peaceful and meditative state of ecstasy when I draw my style.
Each line a connection to the Creator and as I wake up and step away from self expression. I allow the piece to speak to me. And the movement continues.
Another aspect of my journey in self expression is my Spirituality and being a loving person. I think that song had it down right “what the world needs is love, it is the only thing that there is just to little of”
There was a quote from What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole
“…there is no right or wrong does that mean there is a free for All? Absolutely not, I mean the problem I have with right or wrong in these categories is not that I want a free for All it is that right or wrong doesn’t nearly go far enough…..There is no body keeping records up there…..The records are here (heart and mind) and I am going to have to deal with them that is far more painful then a record keeping God that is up in the sky. So that anyone setting out on the path of true enlightenment will be absolutely impeccable in everything they do. Is it because of fear of damnation? No. Or of the punishment of God or because I have sinned and haven’t gotten forgiveness, no, no, no. I mean these are all excuses that keeps us away frothed real problem. The really enlightened person will see every action has a reaction with which I must deal and if I am wise I will not do stuff that will cause me to have to face it and resolve it and balances in my soul later. That is the real criteria…”
This quote sums up my desire to stand in love because it resonates with my soul so deeply. This brought such a clarity to me pertaining to the core of harmony and my intention behind being loving.
But back to Flo she inspired me to practice being in my perfect self expression which is the true authentic self, the loving abundant person that we were designed to be. When I vibrate in my perfect self expression I must say it feels pretty darn joyful!!!
For instance me sharing with you ­čśü
Life Of Visioned Elegance the freedom for your perfect self expression.
The next topic will be wealth!
Love and light + Air hug
Songstress of Dreams
Erica Cameron
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Why I SOOOOO Love Valentine’s Day

Grocery stores packed with eager lovers buying gifts for the sweet expression of love.

Love being my all time favorite subject just aligns with the main reason Why I SOOOO Love Valentine’s Day!!

As a child it was fun receiving candy from my classmates on Valentine’s Day, I also enjoyed giving away candy.
In my teen years I have to admit Valentine’s Day was dreadful.
No more mandatory class participation with cards and candy, which resulted no more gifts if you were not a couple.
But dating was not on my agenda, sure I had very strong likes to people. However no legitimate dating.
One year I took a stance and decided to make Valentine’s Day MY FESTIVE LOVE┬áday! I really enjoy giving gifts but rarely gave to myself so instead of waiting for some dude to do right by me, I decided to be my own Valentine.
So, I bought myself this cute little white and red teddy bear holding a red heart that said I love you along with a small plastic flower for my new teddy bear to hold. For my friends and teachers I bought them some flowers and candy. It was so delightful giving away tokens of love to my friends and teachers!!!
I was hooked. It dawned on me that I could be my loving self and blame it on Valentine’s Day!!!
Another year I can remember walking to each class with a gallon water container with flowers in it. I wanted the flowers to last as long as possible. It tickled me that even Random people would ask for a flower.
For the most part Valentine’s Day for me was about celebrating the people I love and not just my romantic interest, it is the gift giving part of Christmas to me. Now my meaning on Christmas is a whole other story because there are different ways that Christmas celebration has come about, but how are we honoring Jesus by buying gifts for one another on Christmas. When honoring Jesus with his teachings of love, forgiveness and brotherhood doesn’t that equate to more than just black Friday electronics and doodads. Are not his teachings a heart centered virtue for kindness, harmony and consideration for one another everyday of the year? Not just Christmas, Easter or Sundays? Okay, Okay back to Valentine’s Day!!!!
In my Love Expression on Valentine’s Day I have even been know to cook an Italian dinner from scratch either fettuccine Alfredo a recipe I learned from my Dad or Lasagna from scratch topped with chocolate chip cookies and/or brownies also from scratch shared with the people I adore.
Other joys I experienced for Valentine’s was┬áplacing candy bags on my Co-works desk before they arrived.
And one year when I was serving at Church, I gave several gifts and one young lady that attended the youth center bought me a red and white puppy holding a heart. I made sure to give her a huge hug for my gift!!
This year was the 1st year I was blessed with this pleasant surprise of a goody bag at my desk! I am fairly new to my position and team but one of my co-works invested energy and giving a team of 19 people a Valentine’s goody bag!! It put a huge smile on my face when I arrived at my desk!!
Also this year I was thankful to share Valentine’s Day with such an amazing person!! Our 1st Valentine’s Day together.
He showered me with Love and gave me gifts to increase my health and well being!!
But He in all manners has a way of┬ámaking everyday feel like Valentine’s Day!!
I hope that you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day too!!
May goodness be with you!! Air Hug!!
Songstress of Dreams
Erica Cameron