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Released Blessings

“With spiritual law there is only the now. Before you call, you are answered. For time and space are but a dream. Your blessing is there waiting for you to release it by faith and the word.” ~ The Game of Life and How to Play It

Release Blessings
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Will Do

“The will to do springs from the knowledge that we can do.” ~ As A Man Thinketh

Will Do

How do we put our mind to work for our benefit?

How do we open our mind to the infinite possibilities, the creation of the I CAN?


When we look in history. It doesn’t matter if it is from your own family legacy or what they teach in history class.

Scientist and all the inventions that we enjoy today have all built on one another.

When we can see that it is done and even have the faith to see that it is done in our minds and heart.

We can easily spring forth the action to accomplish from the knowledge because we absolutely CAN DO.



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Can You See The Invisible

“Only those that can see the invisible, can do the impossible.” ~ Paraphrased by Tyrese Gibson

Can You See The Invisible

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” ~ Hebrews 11:1

When we have faith for something we can see it happening in our lives.

The faith to be healed.

The faith to rise above.

The faith to be successful.

The faith to build a legacy.

The faith to live your dreams.

Tapping into the emotion and victory of experiencing the thing you have faith for!

If you are celebrating now the invisible as Tyrese shared then you can do the impossible.

If you are doing the impossible comment, share and like.

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Have You Made the Decision

“Is it possible for you to have all your dreams become a reality? YES IT IS possible! But the ‘real’ question you should be asking yourself is: Have you made the decision?” ~ E.T. Hip Hop Preacher

Have You Made the Decision


When you say yes to your dream, your dream says yes to you!

Lets break down the definition of Decision.

DE is a prefix that means to privation, removal, and separation.

CISION is a suffix which relates to ‘cutting.’

One of my mentors broke that down.

Also emphasizing that to make a DE-CISION you choose to cut away the part that does not serve you.

For example, if I make a decision to be a public speaker. I cut away at the fear of speaking to an audience. I carve out time to practice my craft privately and publicly. I build my mental real-estate.

What is your decision?

Is your dream your decision?

Like, comment, and/or share if your decision is for your magnificent future?

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Vision of Service

“Vision produces faith and faith produces service.” ~ Master Key System

Vision of Service

This rings a heart so very much! Do you know your vision or we can replace that with dream or goal? Whatever word resonates with your heart!

What is your vision? The deep down soul connection of it?

If you have taken a look around this site you may have a clue as to what my vision is?

I went back and forth for years denying myself, thinking that I had to do network marketing businesses (which are wonderful, they helped me grow) or fashion design.

When all the while my heart was screaming ART!!!

The vision I had for ART is now producing service because I had the faith to trust in what God has blessed me with.

Once more I ask you, WHAT IS YOUR VISION?